The queen of randomness

The world is my oyster

Okay then! Incase you missed my name and my picture…I am Neeraja Kona.

I’m known by different names to different people. My names behind my name, are the perfect mix of family, friends and fans.

I feel it’s always difficult to fit myself in a box. And that’s great because I never wanted to be that way. You know that saying,”Jack of all, master of none”…

I always wanted to be Jack. I’m happy that I’ve tried my hand at a bunch of things, rather than be good at just one thing.

Disclaimer no 1 : these are all my personal opinions and thoughts,so pleeeeej ,just read,like or dislike and be entertained with my nonsense for that brief moment and let it go….end of disclaimer.

So WWW (where were we) - a term my husband Ajay taught me, yes he is a funny guy and I shall dedicate a post just for him. Actually I will probably end up writing separate posts for a bunch of people in my life who have been the driving force behind the scene for me being …well …me!

I am the queen of randomness! ok so what else about me….and no I haven’t forgotten about the Jack part…I just decided I will talk about that in my Profession page.

This blog is the brain child of, yup you guessed it, my brain!

It’s a way I can share special bits and pieces of the world of Neeraja. My blog covers almost anything and everything with a little focus on things I love, adventure, travel, food and of course my work. I hope to inspire and encourage anyone who takes a peek at my blog.

Let me sign off by saying one last thing……why read something …or anything ….typed by me? Well you really don’t have to….but I promise you….it’s all heart….

I believe in magic
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Disclaimer no 2 : I tend to drift off … a lot! But hey, you guys better get used to that, because that’s just me.

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My inner circle...
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Disclaimer no 3 : I love my special peeps to bits and I will talk a lot about them, family, friends, and everyone who fits in my bubble !

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