Iceland - A different world

When I started thinking about which country to explore next..... I don't know why I remembered Iceland that day but it was the easiest decision that I made and a decision that I am glad I made. Just like the name...Iceland has a LOT of ice... beautiful ice and snow make up for the vast expanses of this tiny country. They are so cut off from everything else that it makes one feel lie they travelled to another world. Reykjavik is the capital city and the most happening part of the island. The biggest income force for Iceland is tourism and hence it has developed a nice global cuisine hot spot. From the minute I arrived in Iceland I loved the friendly faces... the striking backdrops and the very cold wind and snow. Word of advice - Layer up and jacket up and boot up and wrap yourself in thermals if you are someone like me who gets cold very fast.

The south part of the island is home to the black sand beach... it's a beautiful sight one has to see. The colours are so striking ... black against the green moss-covered stones and the rich blue waters. And towards the west after a long drive one gets to the most visited Glacier point. I was in such awe with this place... ice that floats around ... ice bergs that are so mysterious. All these places are bus ride away from Reykjavik and can be planned once you get to the city. I explored the streets of Reykjavik and found bakeries that made the best hot chocolate and croissants I ever had... yup! I found my perfect cup of hot chocolate in ice land! What better to have when its freezing outside? And the food! You will be surprised with the number of restaurants here....and such good ones too! From local cheeses and honey to a fusion of cuisines...they have it all.

But the best part of the trip was a day spent in the blue lagoon. You have to see this place to believe it! The milky blue waters and the steam rising from the warm lagoon with outside temperatures around -5... its such relaxing place. I spent the entire day going in and out of the lagoon...and ended up at the restaurant which serves up an amazing dinner... food served on lava very innovative. Iceland was trip that gave me memories worth a lifetime. You truly don't know how tiny you are unless you get yourself out there. And once you are out there... trust me ... you are never going back!

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