kaluva - coming soon

Being a stylist I have had the privilege of working with the best of the designers and creative people who inspired me throughout. And over time I have developed a certain "style" that is my personal statement. Unknowingly I have always been drawn to comfort clothing, especially cottons. The idea of wanting to start my own label was very simple.

I wanted to make clothes that I can wear...that a normal girl can wear...without having to think much without having to spend much. Kaluva means a lotus...which I came up with because my name Neeraja means a lotus and it was something that I instantly liked. The brand is almost nearing its launch and I am so excited for everyone to see it...to wear it. I have focused purely on fabrics that are easy to manage and comfortable to wear. Apart from Kaluva I am also working on another label...All Things Quotes. And as the name suggests...it was my way of combining my love for quotes and clothes. This line is going to be more quirky and fun...something from my heart.

All things quotes
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Coming Soon