Stylist and Designer

Personal styling at its best….

My profession is something I love talking about. It has truly defined me and paved a path, helped me to understand what I truly love.

I am a stylist and costume designer currently working for South Indian films. It was somewhat of a job that I stumbled into, not fully knowing what it was. This life changing opportunity fell in my lap and I welcomed it with open arms.

They say when we do what we love, its no longer a job. I always have felt this about my work. The world of movie styling, ad film styling, event styling & photo shoots has been quite a journey so far. What started as a love affair at first sight, quickly turned into a strong connection with my passion.

I have an eye for putting together an ensemble that comfortably fits the mood and story of a shoot. My instant connection to a story or a celebrity allows me to explore current fashion trend and achieve a balance between my version of the style and the fit between the role of the celebrity.

I think over time, meeting and working alongside some of the biggest technicians in this field, made me respect the craft so much more. And this is where this beautiful journey as a stylist began and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

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